FXPHD – BKD107 Collection: LUTs, Gamma and ACES
FXPHD – DCT302 Advanced Color Theory and ACES Workflow
Udemy – VFX Bootcamp Zombie Highway
Skillshare – Animating With Character Pt. 2 – Walk Cycles
FXPHD – HOU215 Lighting & Rendering Explosions in Houdini & Nuke

SkillShare – Photoshop Basic 2 – Masking, Clipping and Refining
FXPHD – VRY302 Photorealism in VRAY for maya
FXPHD – MYA226 Look Development using Maya and Arnold

Designing an Image – Concept, Lighting and Retouching by Lindsay Adler
High Pack – Ivan Gorokhov