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Pluralsight – SOLIDWORKS Essentials – Revolve and Sweep

Pluralsight – SOLIDWORKS Essentials – Revolve and Sweep

Видеокурс: SOLIDWORKS Essentials – Revolve and Sweep

Описание курса:

You’ll be able to create contour curves and shapes using these two easy-to-use tools. First, you’ll learn how to create Revolved Bosses and Swept Bosses. Next, you’ll learn more about that topic and create Thin Features and Cut Features. Finally, you’ll be demonstrating all of these concepts while modeling a Basketball Hoop and a Basketball. When you’re finished with this SOLIDWORKS course, you’ll not only master these tools in a short time period, but also be able to identify more opportunities to use them and be able to be more productive and reach your design goals efficiently and confidently. Software required: SOLIDWORKS (any release/version)

Формат: MP4, 37мин, ENG, +файлы проекта

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