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Real Displacement Textures – Collection Three

Real Displacement Textures – Collection Three

Третий сборник высококачественных бесшовных текстур 4K для создания реалистичных материалов в CG, 3D, рендеринга и визуализации.

Оригинальное описание (ENG):

“Real-Displacement-Textures” by Christoph Schindelar
Highly detailed scanned informations are optimized, corrected and baked into several image-textures in order
to setup a material for CG-renderings. (passive and realtime)
By using the provided depthmap for displacement you can even reconstruct the geometry of the surface.
The scans have:
– more than 60.000.000 dense-points,
– polygon-objects with over 10.000.000 faces and
– raw scan-textures with up to 16k HDR
The maps are
– 100% tileable
– they can dramatically speed up your workflow because there is no scattering needed
– they should work with all engines
– they can look extreme realistic

Collection with 28 high detailed, scanned surfaces. Including: Forestfloor-Pack-1, Forestroad-Pack-1, Leaves-Pack-2, Roots-Pack-1

Скачать / Download:

(14.9 GB, part1-16)

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Зеркало 2:

Зеркало 3:

Dwi joko purnomo

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I Hope you can upload this RDT-Texture VOL. 4 https://www.rd-textures.com/product-category/collection/?topCat=6

IF you have this
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