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Vizpeople – Kids v4

Vizpeople – Kids v4

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Это наша последняя и самая изысканная коллекция фотографий из детской жизни. Внутри вы найдете 677 фотографий с высоким разрешением: Дети в каждолневных распространенных ситуациях. Если вы ищете хорошие фотографии детей, эта коллекция подойдет вам!

Для создания этой потрясающей коллекции мы использовали отраслевые механизмы и стандарты. Каждое изображение в Kids v4 обрабатывается вручную нашей графической командой. Кроме того, каждое изображение приходит с точным сочетанием волос и окружающего света и тени для более эффективной реализации.

Оригинальное описание (ENG):

This is our latest and the most refined collection of childrens life. Inside you will find 677 high resolution photos of Kids in every day common situations. If you are looking for good looking kids photos, this collection will suit you perfectly!

Superior Quality

For creating this stunning collection we used the industry leading gear and standards. Every image in a Kids v4 is processed manually by our graphic team. Also, every image comes with a precise hair blend and an ambient light shadow for a better implementation.


Our kids collection is designed to fit many needs.Inside you will find models in a different real life situations, chit-chatting, moving, performing home activities, travelling, relaxing, shopping and many more. Kids v4 will fit perfectly into an every day common situations.

Two lighting condition

This collection comes in two light setups; sunlight to fit the outside environment with the bright directional sunlight, and an ambient light, intended to be used in interior scenes where the light is evenly scattered.

Popular formats

This 2d Kids set comes in the most popular file formats. You do not need to convert or prepare files because your software can easily handle it. We have prepared every file in a transparent PNG suitable for all 2d graphic packages and a JPG + Alpha for a 3d package users. You can also use Alpha map alone to create the black-white silhouettes for your illustrations.
Теги: Vizpeople, Kids, дети

Формат: PNG (+Alpha channel), среднее разрещение 4000x3500 px

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