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Corel Painter 2016 Win

Corel Painter 2016 Win

Новая версия пакета Corel Painter 2016 для Windows.

Работая с Corel® Painter® 2016, вы практически полностью погружаетесь в настоящую мастерскую художника, где нет компьютера и монитора, только мольберт и холст. Теперь живопись – не только продукт вашего творчества, но и часть вас самих.

Ощутите творческую силу и реализм технологии Natural-Media® и изысканных художественных материалов в Painter® 2016. Оцените уникальную визуализацию звуков, интеллектуальное клонирование фотографий, потрясающие средства композиции, кисти Particle™ с реалистичной физикой, а также поддержку файлов и кистей Photoshop — и все это в высоком разрешении.

Explore an impressive sensory selection of realistic Natural-Media® that perfectly emulates real life art materials and imaginative art materials that can’t be found in the real world. With Painter® 2016, you can experience the incomparable harmony of Audio Expression, smart photo cloning, killer composition tools, physics-inspired Particle brushes, and in-app learning—all in high DPI.
Express yourself
Revel in a symphony for the senses with Audio Expression brushes that react to sound. Experience luscious Natural-Media® brushstrokes, exhilarating splatters and paper rotation. Create even more brush variations by combining Particles with Real Watercolor, Liquid Ink and Impasto to achieve rapid end results that will impress any audience.

Discover what’s new
Launch Painter and the redesigned Welcome Book greets you with new tutorials. Create a new canvas and enable your perfect painting environment with a flexible UI color scheme, high DPI, presentation mode and workspace customization. Experiment with new Brush Hints and Visual Tooltips to fine-tune your brushes to match your style.

Expand your creativity
Import your Adobe Photoshop brushes into Painter and then use Painter’s brush controls to make a new mega-brush. Share your favorite brushes and media with others using the new Custom Toolbox. Browse additional Brush Packs to discover imaginative custom brushes for your next painting project.

Photo Art
With powerful painting tools, and one-of-a-kind image cloning features found only in Painter 2016, photo artists can capture a moment and transform the image into a digital work of art. They will have everything they need to produce visually stunning photo art that will dazzle clients and enhance their professional services.

Traditional Art
Painter 2016 lets traditional artists easily combine classic art practices and time-honored techniques with state-of-the-art Natural-Media® technology to create digital art that’s just as impressive as what they can create on a physical canvas. They’ll find a new sense of freedom in the way they can paint.

Let creativity reign with endless options in Painter 2016. Illustrators tell visual stories that elicit powerful emotions in a variety of industries. Whether creating fantasy artwork for film or video games, drawing manga and comic art, or working on illustrations for print and web, Painter 2016 has all the necessary tools for illustrators.

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