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Substance Store – Fantasy Dragon Moodpack

Substance Store – Fantasy Dragon Moodpack

Fantasy Dragon Moodpack: материалы для Substance Painter

Сборник ассетов (материалов) для Substance Painter.

Оригинальное описание, состав:

Just run the EXE to unpack everything to DOCS:\Allegorithmic\Mood Packs\Fantasy Dragon
Entirely texture a dragon asset in Substance Painter.
From eyes to teeth to scales and wings, it has never been easier to create a terrifying, fire-breathing beast.

You will find several types of scales, beautiful dragon eyes, flames and acid tools, many different types of skin materials and so much more to help you create the dragon you imagined in the most realistic way.

This Moodpack contains:
4 Meshes
15 Materials
15 Smart Materials
5 Tools
1 Texture

Dragon Head

Dragon Bumpy Skin White
Dragon Bumpy Skin Wrinkles
Dragon Damaged Flesh
Dragon Skin Red
Komodo Dragon Skin Blue
Komodo Dragon Skin Contrasted
Komodo Dragon Skin Dry
Komodo Dragon Skin Gray
Reptile Scales Circular
Snake Dragon Scale
Dragon Eye Aquatic
Dragon Eye Dark Purple
Dragon Eye Emerald
Dragon Eye Fire
Dragon Eye Forest

Dragon Bone Dirt
Dragon Bone
Dragon Scales Dark Green
Dragon Scales Dark
Dragon Scales Fine Brown
Dragon Scales Gray
Dragon Scales Hexagon
Dragon Tongue
Dragon Tooth Clean
Dragon Tooth Dirt
Dragon Tooth Old
Membrane Damaged
Wing Dark Emissive
Wing Purple

Bones Scar
FX Acid
FX Flames
Membrane Hole
Porous Dot

Scale Creator

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(1.08 GB)

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