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Renderking – Vray Texture Pack v3

Renderking – Vray Texture Pack v3

Третий релиз сборника Vray Texture Pack v3 от RenderKing в который вошли 150 текстур (материалов) в формате Vray-рендера для популярного 3D-пакета Cinema 4D, версий r13 – r17. Это профессиональные, физически точные материалы для архитектурных визуализаций.

Оригинальное описание, основные особенности:

Our texture are all 2048x2048 pixel seamless to give you a great quality and a high level details, they are made by many layers: diffuse, specular, normal, bump, diplacement.

Vray Texture Pack v3 is made for MAC and PC. You can install it on Cinema 4d r13 / r17.Vray texture pack 3 is developed with Vray 1.9 and it's Distribuited rendering READY! Vray Texture pack v3 is available ONLY IN DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

The license of use allows you to install the pack on your desktop computer and your laptop. If you need to purchase more than 2 Licenses please contact us for volume pricing. Visit Contact Page.

Professional quality guarantee: this pack is made for professionals, it's perfect for, Architects, Broadcast Productions, Commercial spots, TV Shows. All the textures are self made and perfectly focused!
Теги: Renderking, Vray, C4D

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