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Unity Asset – Lightning – Procedural Lightning (2D and 3D)

Unity Asset – Lightning – Procedural Lightning (2D and 3D)

Unity5 asset
v2.1.0 Jan 5 2017
Requires Unity 5.0.4 or higher.

Procedural Lightning and Thunder is an optimized drop in solution for lightning, electricity, thunder effects and even general line effects in your Unity project or game.

This isn't any ordinary lightning. Using an innovative shader that allows fading in and out, growth, billboarding and glow entirely on the GPU in one draw call, this lightning will run great on mobile and desktop alike.
You will get 5x CPU improvement and 10x LESS draw calls vs. the Unity line renderer, allowing you to show lightning even on low-end mobile devices. All lightning renders and updates on the GPU! There is even an option to generate the lightning on a background thread, freeing your main thread for other tasks.

Most other lightning solutions use the Unity line renderer which doesn't batch and has high CPU usage, especially for something with lots of lines and glow like lightning. Think of billboarding and coloring every line on the CPU every frame. YUCK! With this asset, the graphics card takes care of that so your CPU can do more important tasks.

Supports perspective, orthographic and orthographic xz planes.

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