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Unity Asset – Toon Enemies Pack

Unity Asset – Toon Enemies Pack

Ассет с 3D-моделями игровых персонажей в мультипликационном стиле, с анимациями. Для игрового движка Unity.

Оригинальное описание (ENG):

Requires Unity 5.1.2 or higher.

Low poly Simple Toon Enemies Pack

Toon Enemies Pack consists of 10 characters. The 10 characters are:

Toon Bat
Toon Skeleton Knight
Toon Skeleton Mage
Toon Skeleton Archer
Toon Death Knight
Toon Ghost
Toon Dragon
Toon Rock Golem
Toon Plant Monster
Toon Cactus Monster

They are all rigged and animated. ( Note that all Walk and Run animations do not have root motion.) Each character comes in 3 different colours. For more information on each character, please see below.

Формат: .unitypackage

Скачать / Download:

(87.9 MB)

Зеркало 1:

Зеркало 2:

Зеркало 3:

Зеркало 4:

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