Stylized Nature Pack v1.2 by Mikael Gustafsson

Stylized Nature Pack v1.2 by Mikael Gustafsson
.unitypackage | 570 MB
Autodesk Stingray 2017 v1.6

Autodesk Stingray 2017 v1.6
Stingray – собственный игровой движок компании Autodesk, который построен на базе приобретенного игрового движка Bitsquid, и ориентирован на небольшие студии, избавляя их от ресурсоемких процессов.
Unity Asset – Third Person Controller 1.3.4

Third Person Controller 1.3.4 for Unity | 436 MB
Unity Pro 5.5.1 f1 (Win x64)

Unity Pro 5.5.1 f1 для Windows 64-bit | 1.3 GB
Unreal Marketplace – Chameleon Post Process

Unreal Marketplace – Chameleon Post Process

Chameleon is a Post Processing blueprint actor for Unreal Engine 4. You will need to place only one Chameleon actor to your scene to access all of it’s benefits.
Chameleon currently has ​48 different​ (and combinable)​ post process effects with customizable parameters directly from actor’s details window. This package is planned to be updated constantly with new effects and custom editor plugin for using it even more easily.

Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace – Content Pack 4.14

Очередная коллекция профессиональных ассетов для разработки игр и современных интерактивных 3D приложений на популярном движке Unreal Engine 4.
BuildBox 1.3.8 Build 75 (Win x64)
Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace – Gamedev Bundle (4.14)

Unreal Marketplace – Action RPG Inventory System
Unreal Engine 4 – MMO Starter Kit 1.8