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DAZ3D – GIDome Iray and 3Delight

DAZ3D – GIDome Iray and 3Delight

HDR & Lights: GIDome Iray and 3Delight

GIDome Iray and 3Delight includes 131 IBL Lights for Daz Studio Iray and 3Delight based on the GIDome for Carrara series.

You get 5 packs in one:

GIDome 1 - 15 IBL Lights - Basic presets for any kind of render.

GIDome 2 - 10 IBL Lights - IBL lights based on professional light setup for any kind of render scene.

GIDome Holes - 57 IBL Lights - Special IBL lights that create beautiful reflections in any kind of glass and metal scene like cars and robots.

GIDome Portrait - 10 IBL Lights - Special IBL to create portraits of any kind.

GIDome Ultimate - 41 IBL Lights - Special IBL lights for outdoor scene like mountains, beach, sunset.

All those presets can be used to create almost all kind of scene and mood for your renders.

For Iray load the Render Preset you want and try for yourself. All presets only load the Environment options and don't change any other settings in your scene.

For 3Delight just load the Light Preset and you are ready to go with high quality render settings already done for you. Those presets load a new Uber Environment light into your scene.

Формат: DAZ Studio 4.9

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(80.6 Мб)

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