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DAZ3D – Shanghai Lights for Iray

DAZ3D – Shanghai Lights for Iray

HDR & Lights: Shanghai Lights for Iray

24 light set ups created to bring out the best in Asian or similar skin tones. The lights span from soft shadows to noir. A variety of subtle light tints enhance skin tones by warming or cooling them.

Each set of lights is parented to a light focus and then aimed at the light focus so that it is easy for you to move the lighting around your character simply by selecting the focus and moving it around or rotating on the y axis. Each set also has a matching render setting that will set up your tone mapping and scene only setting so you get the exact results I did in my promos.

Формат: DAZ Studio 4.9

Скачать / Download:

(5.01 MB)

Зеркало 1:

Зеркало 2:

Зеркало 3:

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