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Digital Video Editing Fundamentals

Digital Video Editing Fundamentals

Digital Video Editing Fundamentals builds on the essential concepts of digital imaging, audio, illustration, and painting, and gets more advanced as chapters progress, covering what digital video new media formats are best for use with Android Studio, Java and JavaFX, iOS and HTML5.

Furthermore, the author covers the key factors regarding the data footprint optimization work process, streaming versus captive assets, and why these are important.

What You'll Learn
What is the terminology of digital video editing and special effects
What comprises a digital video editing and effects pipeline
What are the concepts behind digital video editing
What are the concepts behind Resolution, Aspect Ratio, Bit Rate and Color Depth
Pixel editing, color correction, layers, compression are all discussed in some detail
How to use digital video file formats and data footprint optimization


Chapter 1: The Tools of Digital Video: Non-Linear Editing Software
Open Source Video Editing Tools: Free!
Distributed Digital Video Editing: Lightworks 12.6
Under Development: Avidemux, Pitivi, and Blender
Consumer Digital Video Editors: Low Cost
Prosumer Digital Video Editors: Mid Cost
Chapter 2: Digital Video Hardware: Configuring the Workstation
Chapter 3: The Scope of Digital Video: Setting Up Your Workstation
Chapter 4: The Foundation of Digital Video:Static 2D Concepts
Chapter 5: Movement in Digital Video: Frames, the 4th Dimension
Chapter 6: The Sound of Digital Video: Digital Audio Editing Theory
Chapter 7: Capturing Digital Video: Digital Camera Concepts
Chapter 8: The Workfl ow for Digital Video: Capture, Edit, Export
Chapter 9: The Composition of Digital Video: Timeline Editing
Chapter 10: The Spectrum of Digital Video: Color Correction
Chapter 11: The Algorithms of Digital Video: Special Effects Filters
Chapter 12: The Data Footprint of Digital Video: Compression
Chapter 13: The Automation of Digital Video: Programming
Теги: Video Editing

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